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ArgumentError: Error #2082: Connect failed because the object is already connected.

December 1, 2009 1 comment

Using Flash localconnection i encountered a weird bug today while working on a project connecting AS2 and AS2 SWFs.  Below is the error which i got while trying to connect to a localConnection channel.

ArgumentError: Error #2082: Connect failed because the object is already connected.
at com.gskinner.utils::SWFBridgeAS3/connect()
at com.orbis.bridges::TopbarBridgeAS3/connectBridge()
at com.orbis.ui.topbar::FauxF8TopBar/connectBridge()
at com.orbis.load::Preloader/somethingLoaded()
at com.orbis.load::LoadContent/thisLoaded()

I forcefully quit the Flash IDE while flash player crashed due to loading of huge amount of data via XML for testing certain scenario in the game. That was the cause of the problem, there seems to be some player instance still on.  To more clearer, i was using Flash IDE  not a browser. Finally of no choice i have to restart the system and try to get this sorted out.

After that it works fine. Weird one.. just eat up few mins of my morning time.  So to get clear detail about the bug, google to get few informations. You can find the informations on Judah’s blog and some more information here

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